Michael UE Song - Devil No Get Levels


Introducing Michael Udeme Emmanuel, also known by his musical alias Michael UE. With great honor, he stands as a distinguished Gospel Music Minister, Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Composer. Beyond his musical talents, Michael UE is a dynamic entrepreneur in the service market, an accomplished author, and a creative writer. His multifaceted talents extend to representing a government, showcasing his commitment to various avenues of service. Join him as he orchestrates melodies of praise to uplift and inspire audiences, channeling the power of music to glorify Jesus.

The song "Devil No Get Levels" comes as an affirmation to the never unending lost of the enemy (devil) to the mandate of (complete) rulership to humanity, and to Conscious wake us to our Rightful place in the finished Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, In Jesus We won, We Win & We keep Winning., Because,

..."Wen you (Jesus) Show, we dey get Levels, who be dat prince wey dey form levels, One with God, is a majority...

Normally, Devil No Get Levels.

In the symphony of Michael UE's life, every note is a testament to his unwavering faith and boundless creativity. His passion for music transcends mere entertainment, serving as a vessel for spiritual connection and enlightenment. As he takes the stage, whether as a Minister, Artist, or Entrepreneur, Michael brings an infectious energy that captivates audiences worldwide. Beyond the spotlight, he is a dedicated author and visionary, weaving narratives that inspire and uplift. With humility and grace, Michael UE invites all to join him in lifting praises to Jesus, uniting hearts and spirits in a harmonious celebration of faith and love.

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