BIOGRAPHY: "Celebrity Farmer" Biography & All You Should Know About The Talented Artiste

Celebrity Farmer is a seasoned farmer with years of experience. Now you know how he came about his stage name. He grows rice, yam and cassava in large acres of land. 
Celebrity Farmer is truly an example to every Nigerian youth.
When asked why he chose farming, he said "I chose farming because my father is a great farmer and I was born in our farmland not in the hospital. I grew up on a farm so I decided that when I grow up I will become a very big farmer to contribute to society.
The need to grow organic products for my people became a priority. The food industry is filled with genetically modified food that harms the human body so I only grow food that will help improve health and not destroy it for my selfish gains".
Celebrity Farmer Net-worth is $250,000

See fresh photos of Celebrity Farmer below:

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