₦38,000 Per Night Guest House With 77 Lions In South Africa (Photos)

GG Conservation in Harrismith, South Africa, is offering guests the chance to rent a three-bedroom house at the sanctuary, with 77 lions prowling the grounds.
Stays are listed on Airbnb from £82 per night. Suzanne Scott, 50, the conservation director, says the rental is perfectly safe thanks to strong electric fences surrounding the building.
From the outdoor patio you can barbecue while listening to the massive mammals roar, as well as the chorus of birds all around you.
Suzanne, who is originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, says guests get so close to the lions that they will feel ‘part of the pride’ and that it’s perfect for viewing their behaviour.
The wildlife enthusiast explains: ‘You are very close, less than one metre from a lion when stood at the fence. From the step, porch or patio of the house you are two metres away.

Would You Stay Here For ₦38,000 Per Night?

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